Andrea Mullins

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Andrea arrived in Australia in 2022 from Co. Galway, Ireland.  In 2019, Andrea graduated from the National University of Galway with a master’s degree in International Finance. Andrea started her career working in the financial services sector in Ireland for three years. 

Andrea enjoys the communication and critical thinking side of financial services which is why she decided to start her career with T+O+M Executive. Andrea works across the Data, Analytics & Business Intelligence and Technology teams recruiting in technology and software development / engineering.

Andrea is most comfortable with communicating and building / maintaining good relationships.  Andrea enjoys a fast-paced environment and getting stuck into difficult to fill roles.

Andrea is passionate about Camogie (it is the female equivalent of hurling) and recently joined with a team in Sydney. It’s like a home away from home. Professionally, Andrea is passionate about taking on challenges, getting to know candidates and employers alike, and ensuring they are a good fit.

If Andrea could spend a year learning a new skill, it would be: It would be either surfing or learning to speak chinese