Ben Townson

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Hailing from Bristol, in the UK, Ben has been recruiting in the business transformation & change space for nearly a decade. Ben typically places mid to senior level financial services professionals with transformation and change experience in contract roles and projects in Sydney’s financial services sector.

Ben’s strives for quality not quantity when it comes to providing talent for his clients – preferring to be honest if he can’t find a standout candidate for a role, rather than sending multiple CV’s in the hope one may stick.

Ben takes a keen interest in capital adequacy and the regulatory landscape across the financial services industry. When he’s not at work, Ben loves to play golf and travel – preferably both at once. Ironically, now that he’s as far away from Europe as possible, he regrets not making the most of having it on his doorstep and it’s at the top of his travel list. Ben is also fascinated with Middle Eastern politics, history and religion.

If Ben could spend a year learning a new skill, it would be: golf. Although he plays already he would love to have a year off and play every day.


Roles Ben typically recruits for:

Business Analyst
Project Management
Office Project Manager
Program Manager / Director
Agile Coach
Scrum Master
Agile Product Owner