Ben Wooldridge

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Originally from England, Ben moved to Australia in 2005. He worked for a year as a 360 consultant, specialising in the MSP space within IT, before joining T+O+M's Data, Analytics & Business Intelligence team in 2022.

Ben places Senior Engineers, Support Analysts, iOS Developers, Pre-Sales Consultants and Business Development Managers. Roles range from junior level to senior management within an MSP environment.

Ben loves to build relationships! He enjoys talking to people and doing BD. Being able to work in a 360 environment allows him to a be a part of the entire process which helps when developing relationships with clients and candidates.

Ben is most passionate about sport/staying active and travelling. Professionally, Ben is passionate about building a brand within a team and being the best consultants possible.

If Ben could spend a year learning a new skill, it would be:  become fluent in German. Ben spent 5 years studying the language at school so the least he believes he can do for himself is continue learning.

Roles Ben typically recruits for:

Data Analyst
Developer / Engineer
Business Intelligence
Data Scientists