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Emma arrived in Australia in the spring of 2017 from Dublin, Ireland via some travelling. Having studied English and Media at University, she originally intended to work in the marketing/media industry but after doing some recruitment for clients of a marketing company at which she was working, she realised that meeting new people and helping candidates find their perfect jobs was the career for her.

Emma is part of the Financial Service Projects team, which she describes as an extremely busy but also exciting area in which to work. She resources for a number of roles including Senior Business Analysts, Project Managers, Agile coaches and more within the financial services sector.

Having worked in both an agency and internal recruitment environment within candidate care, she has been most complimented on her personal and caring approach towards all of the candidates with whom she has worked, particularly making sure she acts as a support to them while they take second round interviews and preparing them for any roles to which she has put them forward.

Emma is passionate about creating a positive atmosphere and giving everyone a chance in reaching their full potential, whether that is placing someone in their dream role or simply supporting family and friends.

If Emma could spend a year learning a new skill, it would be: learning to surf so she could put living in Bondi to good use!

Roles Emma typically recruits for:

Business Analyst
Project Manager
Agile Coach