Hayley Loades

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Hayley joined T+O+M in 2018 with six years’ experience recruiting change and transformation professionals within retail banking, challenger banking and payments space in London.

Hayley appreciates the fast-paced nature of the industry and the values of excellent relationship management.

Hayley places mid to senior level roles within change management including; Heads of Change to Change Analysts.  She is highly regarded for her honesty and the pace and urgency with which she operates. She is passionate about pairing like-minded clients and candidates, believing she can add real value through partnering with organisations to understand cultural fit, which ensures longevity and promotes success within team environments.

If Hayley could spend a year learning a new skill she would: master the art of pro surfing – something she’s dedicated herself to since moving to Australia. Although honesty is her middle name and she doesn’t see this happening anytime soon.

Roles Hayley typically recruits for:

Head of Change
Change Manager
Lead Change Manager
Change Analyst