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James places senior finance and accounting positions across all financial services sectors – banking, financial markets, wealth management, insurance, reinsurance, annuities and superannuation. He also specialises in finance transformation across the financial services sector, and actuarial positions within insurance as well as banking, wealth management, commerce and industry, and government sectors.

Having worked in a number of financial services functions at top tier firms in London and Sydney for nearly a decade, James’s inherent understanding of his client’s needs, combined with his extensive network of talent, enables him to consistently source quality candidates in a short time frame.

James is passionate about finding candidates with unique skillsets that encompass not only their experience but also their personality, ensuring they will be the right cultural match with the business they join, enabling them to drive genuine value, enjoy their role, and prove a long-term valuable hire for his clients.

James is highly regarded by colleagues and clients for his work ethic, organisational skills and uncanny ability to recall unique skills and profiles that may be a fit for various positions.

If James could spend a year learning a new skill it would be: Mandarin, because he’s half Chinese and can’t speak a word.

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Roles James typically recruits for:

Finance Manager
Financial Controller
Product Control
Senior Finance Partners
Strategic Finance
Decision Support
Head of Finance
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Finance Transformation
Finance Program Directors
Finance Project Managers
Actuarial Reserving Specialists
Actuarial Pricing Specialists
Capital Actuaries