Jamie Reilly

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Jamie is from Brighton in the UK. Whilst it’s a seaside town it’s not quite the same climate as Australia… hence the move to Sydney.

Jamie has always worked in a sales environment, with his first ever job at 15 being a door-to-door salesman… for make-up! Since moving to Australia, Jamie has worked entirely within Projects & Transformation recruitment, with a focus on all levels of role from graduate through Junior to Mid-Snr level within Financial Services.

Jamie is complimented on his strong personable skills & likes to go the extra mile with candidates & clients to deliver an exceptional service. He prides himself on being able to produce results and develop strong, lasting relationships.

If you’ll forgive him the cliché, Jamie is very passionate about results, working to exceed targets in the workplace. When not at his desk, he is extremely passionate about fitness and food.

If Jamie could spend a year learning a new skill, it would be: golf. And if that wasn’t enough, he’d throw in a new language too

Roles Jamie typically recruits for:

Project Manager
Business Analyst