Katie Walsh

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Katie, who is originally from Cork, Ireland, graduated from University College Cork with a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and French. Katie has 5 years’ experience as a financial crime specialist, working within the financial services sector.

Katie joined the Audit, Risk and Compliance team at T+O+M Executive in November 2022 and focuses on recruiting within the junior to mid-level market across Financial Crime, Compliance and Fraud.

Katie goes above and beyond to understand the needs of her clients and candidates, building long lasting relationships.  Having made the transition from the industry, she knows just how daunting it can be to make a new career move. Katie is passionate about helping others achieve their professional and life goals and is there to support her candidates every step of the way, making the experience as smooth as possible.

Outside of work, Katie loves spending time outdoors and going on hikes.

If Katie could spend a year learning a new skill, it would be learning how to fly a plane so she could travel the world for a lot cheaper!

Roles Katie typically recruits for:

Compliance Manager
Financial Crime