Nicola Chandler

Nicola keeps the T+O+M wheels turning, taking care of everything from stocking the fridge with milk and beverages for Friday night drinks, to supporting consultants on pitches, to providing internal reporting and organising our team’s annual strategy day.

Nicola is highly regarded for her organisational skills and vocabulary, and her ability to solve lots of technology related issues, by which she is somewhat bemused, as she considers herself a technophobe.

Seeing things through to completion is another key strength of Nicola’s, once she sets a goal or commits to something there is no getting in her way.

Nicola is an avid swimmer, especially long distances in the ocean. On mornings and weekends, she can often be found swimming from one end of Bondi to the other.

If Nicola could spend a year learning a new skill, she would: learn Spanish. Not one to be deterred by her German teacher at school once telling her she’s not a natural linguist, Nicola has always wanted to speak another language and thinks a year travelling in South and Central America might help.