Richard O'Flynn

With nearly 20 years recruiting experience in the banking and financial services industries, Richard places mid to senior level roles both within the sector and those that require a financial services skill set. Richard also delivers on discreet mandates for a select client base across Asia.

Through conversation and careful listening, Richard is a master at helping his clients distil their thoughts clearly to help them find answers for themselves, and enable him to provide exceptional career and staffing solutions.

Richard is passionate about democratising access to opportunity and helping job seekers navigate the ocean of what is possible with their career path to date. He thrives on the knowledge he gains from conversations he has every week with those that are experts in their field.

Richard is admired for his courage, to not accept things the way they have always been. And equally for supporting his colleagues from a genuine place of respect for their hard-work and willingness to put the needs of others before their own. Finding joy in their joy.

Richard is continually attempting to improve as a person whether as husband, father, son, brother, colleague, or friend.

If Richard could spend a year learning a new skill it would be: survival skills. How to navigate, forage and hunt; live off the land, rivers and sea.

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Roles Richard typically recruits for:

Mid to senior level roles
Managing director
Front Office Roles
Business Development
Sales / Distribution