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Rob places mid to senior level roles in the projects, transformation & change space in Sydney’s financial services market. Rob joined T+O+M in 2016 after working in asset management and fund audits at Ernst & Young in his hometown of London, where he completed his CA.

Rob is passionate about building relationships that go beyond a business transaction, spending time with people and getting to know them on a personal level is what he loves most about his job. This enables him to help his clients find the right people in their team and candidates find the right organisation for them.

Rob is known for his relentlessness in the pursuit of his goals and his ability to get on with all sorts of people.

Outside of work, Rob loves to keep fit and healthy, training in the gym and doing all sorts of water and beach based activities including SUP, surfing, swimming, fishing, volleyball and golf. He also loves to make sure he is always surrounded by the people that are important to him.

If Rob could spend a year learning a new skill, he would: Learn to surf and play golf properly.

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Roles Rob typically recruits for:

Senior Business Analyst
Project Manager
Program Manager
Change Manager

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