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Stuart heads up T+O+M’s product & strategy desk as well as managing both the Financial Services and Commerce & Industry project services and change management teams. He places senior strategy & product management roles in the banking, wealth management and insurance industries. Having worked as a financial services recruiter in Sydney for nearly two decades, Stuart is a specialist recruiter in both these markets, and is supported by a team of experienced consultants.

Stuart is known for his upbeat personality, authentic approach, and extensive market knowledge, which enables him to unlock highly sought-after talent. He prides himself on delivering consistent, authentic and insightful value to his clients, and to his candidates throughout their careers.

Outside of work, Stuart is passionate about wine and family.

If Stuart could spend a year learning a new skill it would be: carpentry, because the physical nature of working in a trade and building things from the raw materials would be highly satisfying. Plus, he loves playing with power tools!

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Roles Stuart typically recruits for:

Head of Credit Cards Product
Head of Innovation & Change
Head of Strategy & Transformation
Head of Product
Director Innovation
Head of Strategy