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  • 28 Jul 2020

C&I Accounting & Finance Market Update FYE 2019/20

Evidence from the full year 2019/20 suggests it's not all Covid-19 doom & gloom for Accounting and Finance professionals in the Commerce & Industry sector. According to FYE figures*, there is reason for optimism despite reduced volume currently.

Key highlights are:
• Overall growth of the finance community in FY 2019/20
• Increase in demand for roles at the C-suite/Executive level mandated to drive change
• A resultant increase in the level of salaries as a result of the demand for senior talent
• A predominantly permanent recruitment market (67%)
• A gender diverse talent pool (48% female/52% male on average with no sector less than 40% female)

The key takeaway for finance professionals is that, pre COVID, demand had been consistently high, driven by a strategic shift towards future focused talent who will impact commercial/strategic decision making, and the advancement of technology and away from reporting focused & transactional accounting roles. This will remain the case for the long term.

The key takeaways for employers are that succession planning is crucial since Finance talent look for career development within 2 years of commencing a role and seeking gender diversity is practical, even when recruiting high demand skill sets.


To summarise:
Despite the current period of uncertainty, this hiring activity supports the ongoing evolution of the Finance function to one that is ‘forward looking’ and insightful, providing strategic stewardship and enable fact-based decision making.

If you have any questions, would like to see our full FYE Finance Talent market report, or are looking for your next Accounting & Finance employer or employee then please get in touch with a member of our Accounting & Finance Team.

*diversity data sourced from LinkedIn 


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