ER/IR (employee relations and Industrial relations)

Our human resource team places employee relations and industrial relations roles into Sydney’s leading businesses across all industries.

A candidate will hold a bachelor qualification or Juris Doctor in Industrial Relations or Law, or has progressed within the Human Resources Team and a subject matter expert in ER/IR.

The role involves supporting and advising HR Managers and Leaders on ER and IR disputes and matters that vary in degrees of complexity and seriousness. The candidate will understand a range of legislative instruments (FWC) to provide accurate and supportive IR and ER advice to relevant stakeholders (unions, employees) across the business.

Responsibilities include:

Exceptional organisational and time management skills and demonstrated project management capability

High attention to detail, quick learner.

Strong stakeholder management and influencing skills

IR experience within the industry ideally or a similar related industry

Strong skills working with tenders

Negotiate enterprise agreements (as applicable), and support negotiations across the business

Deliver training to projects on Industrial Relations, Code Compliance, Right of Entry etc.

Ensure the business maintains Code Compliance

Establish and maintain relationships with unions and regulators (as applicable)

Work with HR and Leaders to provide advice on ER/IR issues

Manage disputes with relevant projects and the business where necessary

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