Head of Fund Accounting

Working in partnership with businesses such as BNP Paribas, RBC, State Street, JP Morgan, Macquarie Bank, Colonial first State, Colonial First State Global Asset Management, Challenger and BT Funds Group. We place roles across the funds services and operations space including heads of fund accounting.

We help our trusted partners find the right people for their roles by our funds services & operations desk focusing 100% of their time on their area of specialty, which sets us apart from other financial services recruiters in Sydney.

The head of fund accounting role is a role that requires a number of years’ experience in the fund accounting area, CPA/CA qualification and bachelor’s degree qualification.

Other Investment Management jobs we typically place include:

Lately, the competition for talent in this area has increased in demand. Along with this demand has come a gap in the skills that the industry is needing. The skills that we are seeing the demand for when looking for Head of fund accounting positions are;

- Analytically/Data capable operations candidates
- Seasoned people managers

The most successful candidates we are seeing for head of fund accounting roles need to ensure they’re focused on one or the other, ideally both.

If this is you or if you believe that it is your next step, please contact Ian Palmer, Manager - Fund Services and Operations.

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Ian writes articles on our blog about the fund accounting space, see them here.

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