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About T+O+M

T+O+M Executive is well recognised as Sydney's leading specialist recruitment firm.

With an average tenure of over 5 years', our talented teams use their deep networks to support our clients to defend, change and grow their business.

For almost two decades, we have placed high calibre talent into the following areas:

Our diverse customer base spans all sectors, giving us an expert knowledge of the talent that drives success within major Australian banks, insurers, wealth managers, property/real estate and infrastructure, consumer industries, technology, media and telco (TMT) and professional services. 

We achieve the best outcomes for our clients and candidates through enduring relationships and selfless advice.

Our purpose, wherever possible, is to upgrade your life.


T+O+M Executive Guarantee

We don’t make promises we can’t keep, but we are happy to commit to exceptional outcomes. Most recruiters offer standard six-month guarantee, but we know a replacement doesn’t acknowledge the cost of retraining, notice period losses, incidental costs, or just as importantly, the disruption to the whole team caused by placing the wrong person in a role.

We are so confident in the integrity of our systems, processes and people that we offer an industry leading 200% guarantee on all our placements. If we place a candidate that doesn’t make the six month mark, we’ll not only find you a replacement candidate, but we’ll refund 100% of your recruitment fee too. When we say we take extra care in screening, interviewing, reviewing, ensuring cultural fit and shortlisting, you know we mean it.

Expertise matter

When it comes to successful recruitment, nothing beats T+O+M’s depth of experience. With an average of 10 years recruitment experience per consultant, our expertise in the areas of specialty we cover is unparalleled. Our track record in placing first choice candidates for a diverse range of skill sets is testament to our deep technical understanding of the sectors in which we operate, and our access to the best candidates.

Quality beats quantity

Recruitment can be a numbers game and to win you need to beat the odds, which is a whole lot easier with T+O+M on your side. We do the hard work to find the best candidates. From the 500 candidates we screen every week, one in every two we recommend gets an interview. It’s not just competencies we screen for, but cultural fit too. This means that one in four of our shortlisted candidates gets the job.

Careers - not jobs

Any recruitment consultant can help you find a job but few will help you build a career. T+O+M is different. Our aim is to connect the very best candidates with careers that fits their aspirations and personalities, and your success is the benchmark against which we measure our own.

Championing better recruitment

We commit to exceptional outcomes. We’re so confident in the integrity of our systems and processes that we offer an industry leading 200% guarantee on all our placements. If we place a candidate that doesn’t make the six month mark, we’ll not only find a replacement candidate, we’ll refund your recruitment fee too. It’s hard to weigh the value of the human touch but at T+O+M we place it at the centre of every candidate and client engagement.