Data, Analytics & Business Intelligence

Data is high on the agenda for the most Australian businesses. This is being driven by a commercial need to better understand their customers, the internal lense on performance reporting, and the increasing demands on financial services from the financial services royal commissions.  We are seeing a significant increase in demand for data science candidates, and a resulting increase in salaries. 

Analytics continues to be a growth area, while analytics is also in a growth phase as the career path of working in remediation continues to develop with the ongoing royal commission, financial services institutions in particular need to respond to data requests while tackling their customer issues from the past and present, which has created a spike in the need for strong analytics candidates and data analysts who can  meet these requirements. 

Business intelligence, (particularly visualisation and data engineers) continues to be in demand with the contract market in this space being strong.

T+O+M Executive's Director and Head of Technology & Data desk, Jeremy Taylor, provides a summary of the recruitment landscape for technology and data at the end of 2023. 


The strength of our client network enables us to provide our candidates with access to the best jobs in the market, with companies for which you want to work or didn't even know you wanted to. 

With close to 30 years of financial services industry experience, and a proven track record in identifying hard-to-find skill sets, our data science, analytics & business intelligence desk is embedded within a mature business that’s been working with Australia’s leading institutions since we opened the doors in 2004.

Our clients include Australia’s leading Blue Chip organisations across Financial Services, Fintech, Retail, FMCG and Property. in the data science, analytics & business intelligence space, these include: Westpac, CBA, Macquarie Bank, AMP, Suncorp, Caltex and Woolworths.

Data, Analytics & Business Intelligence jobs we typically place include:

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