T+O+M have always had a very close affiliation with Ireland. Numerous Irish professionals have worked at T+O+M over the years and still do, and hundreds of Irish accountants have worked with T+O+M to develop their careers in Sydney since inception in 2004.

In 2020, we saw an opportunity to continue this relationship with Irish professionals by starting an Irish office. Our business has been built on giving selfless advice and prioritising long-term thinking in our relationships. It is this mindset, combined with an expert level of knowledge in our relevant fields that have stood the test of time in the Sydney recruitment world, and we felt we could apply this in Ireland also.

Our aim is to provide opportunity for candidates and clients to access the best jobs and the best talent on the market respectively.

The network of Irish accountants we have worked with over the years spans into the hundreds and we hope to continue this with our Dublin office. We will also be recruiting in the world of Data & Analytics as it continues to grow, evolve and become an important strategic play for businesses.

Get in touch with a friendly member of our Dublin team to talk about your next career move and #findoutwhatsnext.