We place talent in strategy jobs in Sydney, in a number of industries, including financial services, insurance, FMCG, energy, construction, property, mining, oil & gas, media, telecommunications, technology, travel & tourism.

Timing is everything when hiring strategy professionals in the financial services, fintech, banking, FMCG, insurance and retail industries in Sydney.  The career path in strategy is very structured, with regular promotions through the grades, which means there are logical stepping-out points for strategy consultants looking to progress into industry. Understanding when the time is right for these individuals to actively explore their next strategy opportunity is key.

At T+O+M, we spend a lot of time nurturing our network of strategy candidates in Sydney, offering career guidance, market intelligence and insights, to ensure we are the first recruitment firm they turn to when the time is right.

When it comes to strategy jobs in Sydney, there is always strong competition for the brightest and best strategy professionals. We partner with our candidates to understand their career goals and provide coaching where we can, to ensure every strategist we represent is applying for the right reasons and has clear expectations of the process they are entering. This helps ensure our clients are more likely to secure the strategy consultant they choose to hire, that on-boarding is smooth, and tenure is long.



Securing a strategy job in Sydney with the highest calibre teams in the finance, retail, FMCG and insurance industries isn’t easy, but it can be made much easier with expert help.

Helping our strategy candidates understand the career paths available to them in corporate strategy in Sydney and aligning these with the work they enjoy most is paramount.  Perhaps you get the biggest kick from growth strategy as an entry point to a career as a senior executive. We invest time in really getting to know our strategy candidates, getting an understanding of their drivers and career goals, so we can match them with the right opportunities with elite leaders and teams.

Our objective is to remove any stress and uncertainty from the recruitment process/ We coach our candidates through each stage of the interview and offer process, providing insights and guidance throughout. This allows our candidates to focus their preparation in the right areas and for the right strategy job opportunities in Sydney, and maximise their time, and their value at offer stage.

We are all about long-term partnerships with our candidates, providing them with professional (and no-cost) career advice whenever they need it.

Strategy jobs we typically place include:

Get in touch with a friendly member of our strategy team to talk about your next career move and #findoutwhatsnext.