Find Talent

Recruitment can be a numbers game and to win you need to beat the odds. With T+O+M on your side, beating the odds is a whole lot easier. 

We help our clients find top tier candidates who are specialists in their field for hard-to-fill roles. They’re the sort of candidates you won’t find on a job board, and that are unlikely to respond to LinkedIn messages. 
70% of our business is repeat, and 45% of our placements come from referrals – this talent pool includes candidates that are not actively looking for roles.

Our clients aren’t always sure for what skill-sets they are looking. We’re able to draw on decades of industry experience to offer expert advice on salaries, the supply of candidates and what they are looking for.

We also help our clients with retention strategies through feedback about market salaries and bonuses and information on what’s happening across the market.

T+O+M Executive Guarantee

We don’t make promises we can’t keep, but we are happy to commit to exceptional outcomes. Most recruiters offer standard six-month guarantee, but we know a replacement doesn’t acknowledge the cost of retraining, notice period losses, incidental costs, or just as importantly, the disruption to the whole team caused by placing the wrong person in a role.

We are so confident in the integrity of our systems, processes and people that we offer an industry leading 200% guarantee on all our placements. If we place a candidate that doesn’t make the six month mark, we’ll not only find you a replacement candidate, but we’ll refund 100% of your recruitment fee too. When we say we take extra care in screening, interviewing, reviewing, ensuring cultural fit and shortlisting, you know we mean it.