Accounting & Finance Market Insights September 2023

Here's the scoop on what's happening in the job market:
🚀 Hiring Surge: Steady uptake in roles following busy financial year-end, and there's more to come! Anticipate a further uplift after the September bonus payments and annual salary reviews.
🏦 Sector Spotlight: While many sectors are slowing down, the insurance and wealth management industries are business as usual. They're enhancing their finance teams, systems, and output. 📈
🔍 Replacement Roles: Most job openings are replacements rather than new positions. This signals a focus on team optimization and skill enhancement.
🔑 Quality Over Quantity: Even though there's an increase in applicants, top performers are being sought after for internal promotions and retention initiatives. Quality shines.
🔄 Transformation in Demand: Company mergers are driving demand for finance transformation initiatives. Legacy systems & integration challenges are being tackled head-on.
📊 Permanent Possibilities: Finance recruitment is leaning towards permanent roles with a spotlight on finance transformation projects and niche roles across tax, treasury, and technical domains.

If you're looking for more insights or ways to advance your finance career, feel free to reach out to Noreen or anyone in the Accounting & Finance team. 

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