Market update June 2024: Accounting & Finance (Commerce & Industry)

  • 01 Jul 2024

In case you missed the T+O+M Talk video, here's a summary from Fergal Gleeson on recruitment activity for Commerce & Industry Accounting & Finance in June 2024.


Market Trends

  • There’s been an increase in the number of new roles since the start of the year.
  • Food, energy, education and property industries have held up well.
  • Technology, Media and Advertising are still under pressure


Recruitment trends

  • Stronger flow of Financial Control and Reporting vs Commercial Finance roles particularly in the $200k + end of the market
  • A trend towards fixed term contracts as companies hedge their bets and to backfill transformation roles
  • The $120-150k package range remains busy


Skills in demand

  • There is plenty of ERP work with S4 Hana and Workday implementations so Projects people or Finance people with knowledge of these systems will be in demand
  • Finance people with analytical ability with Power BI and Alteryx standout
  • Commercial finance people need to be able to demonstrate real business impact with examples using dollar values to show how they make a difference


Salary expectations for candidates

  • There is an over supply of candidates in the $250-400k range which means that salaries are flat. Some out of work candidates are willing to take cuts to get back in.
  • Below $200k the market is more in balance with the supply of jobs and candidates but there is less demand of large pay rises than previous years as there has been a reality check.


Advice for Clients

  • Despite a better supply of high quality candidates then previously, these can be hard to identify amidst the large volumes of applications: often over 250 CVs per job ad
  • A recruiter can help sell the role to top performers as well as assist with supplying a short list
  • 3 days in the office has become the norm. Clients asking for 5 days in the office is not impossible but it is a hard sell and does eliminate a large percentage of potentially suitable candidates.


If you would like to find out more, get in touch with one of the Accounting and Finance team

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