Risk & Compliance Market Insights September 2023

Sophie Watson, Managing Consultant, provides her recruitment observations for the Risk, Compliance and Financial Crime sector.

There are still a high number of vacancies across compliance and financial crime, more so in insurance, wealth, casinos and the smaller ADIs than the big 4 banks.

Applications for roles are high, with high calibre candidates available who were recently made redundant from 3 major banks and those that are now in the market because of the uncertain conditions at their current organisation. With this I would advise clients to not settle, even if you’re not partnered with an agency – there is some excellent talent out there right now.

Demand has been from smaller institutions, where candidates need to be capable of working across more than one facet of risk, rather than being very focussed SMEs.

More contract work has come through due to CPS230, which is being fulfilled with higher numbers of immediately available candidates due to market redundancies.

Organisations who have not yet uplifted their risk and compliance functions are looking to do so now given the regulatory pressures and CPS230 coming into play soon.


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Risk & Compliance Market Insights video - Sep 2023

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