Technology Market Insights September 2023


  • The volume of jobs is down considerably compared to the same time in 2022 however, we are starting to see permanent hiring numbers pick-up with the start of the new financial year.
  • Contract hiring is increasing in the Insurance, FMCG and Energy sectors.
  • Most hiring is at the mid-salary level, around $160 – 200K with very few junior roles being recruited.
  • Application numbers are very high (3 – 5 times the norm) fuelled by redundancies at all levels across the market.
  • Many of these immediately available candidates are fulfilling contract work in the risk space due to the upcoming requirements of CPS230.
  • Permanent salaries have reduced and stabilised whilst the contracting market has seen a significant reduction in demand, as companies look to retain IP, or scale back on their transformation work.
  • DevSecOps and Security Engineers continue to be in demand, as businesses begin to embrace how AI can be integrated into their operations.
  • There is a continued focus on diversity and attracting strong female leaders, particularly in Technology and Data.
  • The expectation is that the current downturn is expected to stabilise in the first half of 2024.
  • The rush to hire during the COVID years has led to the hiring of inexperienced staff into roles above their skill levels leading to delivery constraints.
  • There will continue to be redundancies but in smaller numbers over the coming months as CIO’s re-size their teams and focus on “quality” hires.
  • An over reliance on vendor partners to supplement the work force has led to increased cost bases.  Many C-suite leaders are pushing to “in-source” this headcount as FTE’s, whilst renegotiating supplier contracts.
  • Mandating that staff must be in the office a minimum of three a week is starting to become the norm, and yet enforcing it tends to be another challenge altogether. Leaders need to foster a strong sense of team based on culture to encourage people to come together.
  • Candidates still place a very high weighting on WFH flexibility.


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Technology Market Insights video - Sep 2023

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