Data Scientist

The world of statistics combined with big data is allowing organisations to analyse & predict business outcomes better than ever before. They do this by leveraging the skillsets of data scientists.

The role of the data scientist now is to solve problems for the business, and they do this by using predictive modelling & statistical analysis to provide exceptional insights that the business otherwise would not have. It’s this ability to use machine learning, AI and predictive analytics and apply it to business problems where the real value of data scientists lies.

The typical job description for a data scientist:

  • Bachelor, Master or PHD degree qualified in engineering, computer science, statistics, mathematics or economics.
  • Using machine learning, AI & predictive analytics to solve business use cases.
  • Identify areas of opportunities in the business to apply predictive analytics.
  • Technical tools such as Python, R, SQL, Excel and exposure to using large on-prem data warehouses and cloud-based data warehouses such as AWS, Azure or GCP.
  • Highly analytical, with a curious & problem-solving mindset.


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