Rob Anderson

Rob joined our Financial Services Accounting desk in Sydney in 2017 after a year of globe-trotting, moving after 2 years into the world of data, analytics and business intelligence.

Prior to recruitment, Rob spent 4 years worked for AIB bank as a finance business partner. This period gave him a solid understanding of finance & the journey finance was making to a partner-driven function, providing better insights to the business with the use of analytics & business intelligence.

Since 2004, T+O+M has always worked very closely with the Irish Chartered Accountancy network, helping Irish candidates finding roles in Sydney. As many of these candidates return to Irish shores, Rob felt there was an excellent opportunity to start a Dublin office and to continue to harness these in 2020 Rob returned home to Ireland and is leading the charge of the T+O+M Dublin office.

Rob is highly regarded by his T+O+M colleagues for his positive mindset and the human touch he brings to his interactions with clients and candidates, whom he treats in the same manner as he does his friends.

Rob gets his energy from meeting new people and is a big believer in continuous learning, whether that be for work, sport or life. He is never short of a good book or podcast recommendation!

If Rob could spend a year learning a new skill, he would: learn how to surf so that he could spend more time on the wave rather than under the wave!


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Roles for which Rob typically recruits:

Finance Manager
Financial Accountant
Management Accountant
Financial Reporting