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Rob initially joined our contract Financial Services Accounting desk in Sydney after a year of globe-trotting, moving after 2 years into the world of data science, analytics and business intelligence.

Before moving to Sydney, Rob worked for AIB, one of the two major banks in Ireland,  where he completed a graduate accounting program while also doing his Chartered Institute of Management Accounting exams.

Rob is highly regarded by his T+O+M colleagues for his positive mindset and the human touch he brings to his interactions with clients and candidates, whom he treats in the same manner as he does his friends.

Rob is passionate about sport, in particular Rugby (union), hockey and skiing.

 If Rob could spend a year learning a new skill, he would: Spend a year back-country skiing - after spending a ski season in Whistler, he realised he has a whole lot more to learn! He would spend it in France and try to learn French at the same time.

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Roles Rob typically recruits for:

Head of Analytics
Head of Business Intelligence or BI
Analytics Manager
Data Scientist
Data Engineer
Insight Analyst
Data Analyst
Head of Corporate Data
Risk Modeller
Credit Risk Analytics
Customer Analytics
Fraud Analytics
Principle Data Scientist
Reporting Analyst
Business Intelligence Consultant