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Fergal heads up the Accounting and Finance and Investment Management teams, and recruits senior finance roles across financial services, commercial and industrial companies.

Having been with T+O+M since his arrival in Sydney in 2007, Fergal has built an extensive network of top tier candidates, enabling him to consistently find outstanding individuals that are not active in the market, to meet his client’s needs.

Fergal gets satisfaction from helping people advance their careers by providing them with great opportunities.

When he’s not placing candidates, Fergal’s other passion is wine. He loves talking to winemakers, writing for wine magazines, his own blog (www.greatwineblog.com), and of course, drinking it.

If Fergal could spend a year learning a new skill it would be: Deepening his investments or wine knowledge. One will make him richer, the other will make him happier.

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Roles for which Fergal typically recruits:

Head of Finance
Head of Financial Reporting
Financial Controller