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Gillian originally joined T+O+M on the Accounting and Finance desk, with a focus on the property industry, before more latterly joining the Projects & Transformation team.  

Before joining T+O+M in Sydney, Gillian worked as an accountant for KPMG in Dublin, where she completed her Chartered Accounting exams.

Gillian loves embracing new cultures and languages. After growing up in Galway, she studied French and accounting at the University of Limerick, before spreading her wings to Luxembourg, where she completed an internship at EY.

Gillian is known for her exemplary organisational skills and efficiency, and openness to new challenges and experiences (as is evidenced by her move from accounting to recruitment).

Gillian has travelled to America, Central America, Asia, Malaysia, New Zealand and many places in Europe. She loves music, going to the gym, cooking, trying different foods, and catch ups with friends, with a glass of red or a G & T in hand.

If Gillian could spend a year learning a new skill she would: get back into playing the piano and perfecting her French. She would also love to learn Spanish.

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Roles for which Gillian typically recruits:

Program Manager