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Hailing from the village of Datchworth in Hertfordshire, England, Tom’s first career was as a chef which saw him working in various restaurants both in London and in Sydney. After 7 years working in such establishments as The Manly Greenhouse and the 3 Rosette Gastro Pub, The Tilbury, he decided to make the jump into recruitment and joined T+O+M in September 2021.

Tom is a consultant on the Projects & Transformation desk where he places roles within the Change Management space.

Tom is most complimented on his ability to work hard and be a team player. He is a great communicator – where he understands the importance of listening in developing a relationship - and loves creating and sustaining relationships and supporting people.

Tom’s passions lie with people and watching friends develop and grow, walking with them through life. He is similarly passionate for Jesus Christ and attends St Matthews Anglican Church in Manly. Unsurprisingly he is also passionate about the relationship between cuisine and culture.

If Tom could spend a year learning a new skill, it would be: learning how to Sky Dive!

Roles Thomas typically recruits for:

Changer Manager
Project Manager

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