Are you ready for the AI revolution?

  • 14 Sep 2023

T+O+M Executive recently had the privilege of welcoming Stephen Parker-Kempe, General Manager of Group Operations Portfolio and Performance at CBA, to our office to bring us up to speed on Artificial Intelligence and its impact on organizations and individuals.

Key takeouts from this fascinating discussion were:

  • AI Advancement: AI's rapid evolution offers immense potential for personal and professional growth. Embracing AI technologies can significantly enhance productivity and efficiency.
  • Strategic AI Implementation: Rushing into AI without a clear strategy can lead to costly errors. Understanding the value proposition, setting specific goals, evaluating data quality, and assessing internal capabilities are fundamental steps for successful AI integration.
  • Leadership Alignment: In larger organizations, aligning different leaders' goals and priorities around AI through a centre of excellence is essential. Tailoring AI adoption to specific needs, whether compliance-focused or customer-centric, ensures successful integration.
  • Adaptive Leadership: Today's leaders must embrace change and innovate strategically. The evolving AI landscape demands adaptability and forward-thinking.


Many thanks to Stephen for taking the time to speak to us and Gillian Duffy, Associate Director in the Projects, Transformation and Change Management team, for organising the talk. 


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