CPS230 Workshop Dec 2023

Guest speaker and Senior Executive Alex Dawson presented practical, hands-on advice on the roadmap to compliance to an engaged audience in a CPS230 breakfast workshop hosted by Max Kelly and Gillian Duffy on 6th Dec 2023.

Despite CSP230 being a burning topic and Cyber Risk consistently ranked as the highest risk for businesses, most regulated entities are not meeting their minimum requirements, she warned.

Alex then explained why CPS230 matters not only to APRA regulated entities but also to third parties before outlining a roadmap for compliance, built around the 3 key principles of CPS230. 

  • Being Prepared for Risk Events: Entities must establish effective processes to manage and respond to risk events, reducing their impact and ensuring resilience.
  • Building Resilience: Organizations must navigate through disruptions, ensuring continuity and providing critical services to customers.
  • Protecting the Entity and the Community: Business Continuity Planning and exercises are critical to minimizing the impact of disruptions to an acceptable level.

She encouraged those tasked with rolling out CSP230 within their organisations to:

  • Ensure their board is fully aware and invested in CPS230.
  • Conduct process mapping and criticality assessments early to identify critical operations.

A big thank you to Alex Dawson for sharing her expertise, making this workshop a valuable learning experience for all attendees.

If you are interested in engaging Alex for team workshops or assistance with stakeholder management including Board communication on CPS230, then please get in touch with either Max or Gillian.

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