International Women's Day

On Thursday 8th March 2024, T+O+M Executive hosted a table at the “Hands Across the Water” Inspire Inclusion breakfast to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The theme of the event centred on courage and the importance of embracing discomfort. We were privileged to hear from the remarkable Kirrily Dear, whose journey epitomises resilience and determination. Her story, which you can delve into further, illustrates the power of pushing oneself beyond limits and exploring the unknown.
Kirrily shared her "expansion method," and asked herself the following questions:

  • How can I bring this “scary task” inside my comfort zone?
  • What do I already know about this situation and my skills?
  • How will I manage the risks?


In both our personal and professional lives, growth often emerges from discomfort. What steps are you taking to foster your own growth?

We were also honoured to hear from Claire Baines, CEO of Hands Across the Water. Claire highlighted the organization's impactful work in Thailand, advocating for the fundamental rights of women and children, including access to healthcare and education. Their efforts shed light on the resilience of women in Thailand who champion the cause of inclusion.

We were left with the question of, what would push YOU outside your comfort zone and what small steps can you take to get there?

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