Remuneration & Benefits

Our human resource team places all levels of remuneration and benefits roles into Sydney’s leading businesses across all industries.

The purpose of remuneration and benefits is to establish and deliver a remuneration and benefits strategy including reward, recognition, benefits, payroll, and remuneration practices in line with business needs.

This role is developing quickly, with employers emphasising the importance of its broader function as it contributes to the ongoing development of organisations EVP and the overall employee experience.

Responsibilities include:

  • Remuneration and benefits benchmarking studies including market competitiveness analytical support to business
  • Prepare remuneration survey data submissions
  • Assist in research and implementation of global benefits programs
  • Prepare research into relevant economic and market indicators and assist in budget modelling process
  • Contribute to the ongoing enhancement of our Employee Value Proposition and overall employee experience
  • Draft policy and process documentation for remuneration and benefit programs including the annual remuneration review cycles
  • Supporting remuneration and promotion cycles including the validation of data, payroll coordination and system administration
  • Contribute to ongoing management and classification of roles/grading structure.
  • Conduct regular audits on policy and program compliance.
  • Assist in running annual remuneration review cycles.
  • Regular reporting
  • Assist in statutory reporting when required – e.g., WGEA.

Other Human Resources jobs we typically place include:

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