Workforce planning

Our human resource team places Workforce Planning roles into Sydney’s leading businesses across all industries.

Usually reporting into the Head of HR or Director of People, this HR function supports the workforce by building on strategic workforce planning functions. A data-drive role, it identifies current and future workforce requirements.

The role analyses and maintains allocations or rostering projections to ensure business continuity and capacity is maintained. The role requires efficiency in scheduling that balances people outcomes including work-life balance and flexibility.  Relying on data, the candidate is required to provide guidance on staffing models and implementing changes through talent acquisition as required.

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide leadership and advice to Senior Internal and External stakeholder to ensure Business, Customer and Client goals are achieved
  • Work with teams on building long term Strategic Plans including Capacity, Talent and Financial Plans
  • Extensive reporting to analyse performance, providing recommendations for improvement to Senior Leaders
  • Ensure scheduling efficiency is managed for business and people outcomes including work-life balance and flexibility
  • Provide training of WFM tools and processes to new Team members
  • Provide guidance on staffing models, implementing changes through Talent Acquisition as required
  • Track and evaluate staff productivity, utilisation and adherence
  • Provide inputs for accurate financial forecasts


Other Human Resources jobs we typically place include:

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